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The Uptown Sertoma Club of Spartanburg, comprised of dedicated and successful women committed to volunteerism and SERvice TO MAnkind, stands as a beacon of philanthropy and community engagement. Our mission transcends mere fundraising; we are steadfast partners with local nonprofits, channeling our efforts to uplift families, women, and children towards self-sufficiency and empowerment. With steady dedication, we have raised over $1 million, directing these funds to organizations that enact tangible, positive change in our community.

Beyond monetary support, our members actively engage in volunteerism, embedding themselves in the fabric of Spartanburg to effect meaningful transformation. Through collaborative initiatives and tireless advocacy, we champion the cause of good hearing health awareness, aligning with the Sertoma national directive. Our holistic approach encompasses both financial contributions and hands-on involvement, ensuring a comprehensive impact that resonates throughout the entire community.


We deliver an array of impactful programs and mission activities aimed at supporting our community through fundraising and advocacy. For more details about our upcoming initiatives, please view our events page.

Meet Your 2023-2024 Board

Get to know the exceptional women who make up our 2023-2024 board, bringing their passion, expertise, and dedication to serve our community in the Upstate of South Carolina.



Service to Mankind. This simple phrase not only inspired our name but has remained the cornerstone of our organization for over a century. Sertomans nationwide are united by a singular purpose: to serve our communities and uplift the lives of those in need. With unwavering dedication, our mission echoes through the years — to enhance the quality of life for individuals affected not only hearing loss, but life-challenging situations through education and support.

Together, we strive to create a world where every individual facing the challenges can embrace a life filled with sound, connection, and possibility. With passion as our guide, we continue to empower and inspire, leaving a resounding impact that reverberates through the lives we touch. For a deeper understanding of the national programs and initiatives offered by Sertoma, please visit the official Sertoma website. Discover how together, we are creating a world where every individual can experience the power of sound. 

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